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We are often asked about the various safety features of our Home Lift. This is of course completely understandable as everyone wants to make sure that their family, friends and pets are always safe when our lifts are in operation. It goes without saying, that the safety and well-being of our clients are of utmost importance and there are numerous safety features in place to ensure this.

In this article, we elaborate on the various safety measures our Home Lifts come standard with:

  1. Light Curtain:

A full height obstruction sensor is situated at the entrance of all lifts. The main function of the light curtain is that if this barrier is crossed by either an arm or object for example, while the lift is moving, it will stop immediately.

  1. Top And Bottom Safety Pans:

Thanks to obstruction sensing covers, our lifts can detect if objects are above or below it when in operation. Once detected, the lift will stop immediately. Therefore, if you are travelling either up or down in your lift and your pet decides to lie down in the direct path of it, the detectors will pick up the pet’s presence, stop travelling and wait until the pet has been moved to finish the trip safely and without any harm to your furry friend.

  1. Weight Limits Sensors:

Our lifts are installed with weight limit sensors – in the case of the lift exceeding its weight limit, it will not travel. This therefore ensures that the lift is never overloaded during travel.

  1. Out Of Balance Sensors:

Our lifts are installed with sensors which detect if it is out of balance. If this is the case, this lift will not travel until this issue has been resolved by a Lifta technician.

  1. Fall Arrest Mechanism:

This patented system prevents this lift car from falling in the unlikely event of the steel ropes going slack.

  1. Emergency Stop Button:

In the case of any emergency, this button is easily accessibly to the user to stop the lift from moving. Simply pushing this button will result in the lift coming to an immediate stop to allow whatever emergency to be addressed.

  1. Battery Back Up System:

Loadshedding has become a way of life in South Africa unfortunately. In the event of power being cut while using the lift, it can be driven to the lower level of your home to allow you to safely exit the lift. The lift will be able to be used again once power returns.

  1. Emergency Phone:

In the very unlikely event of the lift stopping while you are travelling in it, a mobile phone is installed in our lifts to allow you to phone our team for assistance. You will just be required to purchase a basic sim card and cell phone package to ensure that the phone can be used whenever necessary.

  1. Travel Speed:

While our lifts do travel slower than conventional commercial lifts, there is a very good reason for this. Due to the complete lack of shaft, the speed of lift is governed to ensure a controlled, soft stop in the case of an obstruction preventing the lift from travelling any further. This prevents injury or damage to whatever may be causing the obstruction and ensure that the user(s) of the lift are not at any risk of being hurt by a sudden abrupt stop, which could well be the case at greater speeds.

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While we are sure that these numerous safety measures and procedures should put any concern you have to bed, our sales consultants are ready and waiting for your call to discuss your mobility solution needs and can be contacted on 080 73 73 73 7 to set up a free, no-obligation on-site assessment now.

We would also be able to arrange for test drives at client’s homes so that you can both see and use the Home Lift or view it in operation online.

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