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The dream of owning your own lift becomes reality: With an easily installed home lift, you will be able to travel gracefully, from one floor to the next.

The Lifta Home Lift –
the private lift for your home

Owning a lift has become a reality! Enjoy the life-changing convenience on a daily basis: a Lifta Home Lift is the little luxury you can treat yourself to today!


Plenty of room in a small space

The home elevator revolution is in full swing: Lifta Home Lifts combine unique design with innovative technology – bringing ease and convenience into your home.

Let your household electricity carry you.

Lifta Home Lifts require only household electricity. In case of a power cut, the home lift continues operating utilising a built-in emergency battery pack. The ambient light inside the lift offers safety and saves energy, as it operates on LED technology which automatically switches off after use.

The shaft-free and self-supporting system.

Thanks to their self-supporting system, Lifta Home Lifts can be positioned almost anywhere. The fact that the motor and technology are compact and completely integrated into the roof of the cars means that a separate room for these components is not required. Lifta Home Lifts also don’t require a shaft, reducing the visual impact in a room. They are easily installed, even in homes that have already been completed for years.

The right home lift for every style

Lifta Home Lifts complement your own personal style. Through its unique design and innovative technology, it will complement your interior perfectly. Through both the exceptional design and an innovative mobility concept, our residential lifts will enrich your living environment and add a perfect finishing touch. See for yourself, just step aboard one of our domestic lifts and experience the newest technology in home lifts.

Your advantages of the Lifta Home Lift


There are no expensive transfer operations or continuous checkups which have to be done, as the Lifta Home Lift falls under the lift directive.


Due to integrated easy-glide rails and an innovative drive technology, the residential elevator is nearly as quiet as a whisper.


The Lifta TRIO, is so spacious, that it gives the opportunity for 3 people to travel at the same time or to transport a wheelchair user.

0,8m² and 1 power socket:
That’s all you need!

Enrich your living environment with innovative domestic technology and a new way for passenger transportation. There are only two requirements that have to be met to ensure the freedom of mobility within your house or apartment:

  1. Transportation for 2 people requires a footprint of 0,8m². A domestic elevator for 3 people or a wheelchair, requires a 1,3 m² footprint.
  2. A power socket with 230V AC.

That is the reality of how little is needed to feel good.


Lifta Home Lifts South Africa

For any further information about home lift prices or installation possibilities, please contact our headquarter, Lifta Home Lifts Cape Town. One of our experts will provide you with all of the information which you require.

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