40 years of experience Over 40 years of experience
German quality German quality
Custom-made mobility solutions Custom-made mobility solutions
40 years of experience Over 40 years of experience
German quality German quality
Custom-made mobility solutions Custom-made mobility solutions
Lifta home lift


The dream of owning your own lift becomes reality: With an easily installed home lift, you will be able to travel gracefully, from one floor to the next.

A Home lift offers
you modern mobility

The Lifta Home Lift is a unique domestic lift that can fit easily into any South African home.
Increase the value of your house and make sure you will have no trouble handling the stairs in future.

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lifta home lift functionality

Plenty of room in a small space

The home elevator revolution is in full swing: Lifta Home Lifts combine unique design with innovative technology – bringing ease and convenience into your home.

Home Lift Duo

Lifta Duo

  • 0,8 sqm footprint
  • Transparent and beautiful design
  • Powered by a 220V plug

Grundriss Lifta Duo

Home Lift Trio

Lifta Trio

  • Space for up to 3 people or a wheelchair
  • Ramp for wheelchair access
  • Powered by a 220V plug

Grundriss Lifta Trio

High quality Home Lifts by the german market leader

Benefits of a Home Lift

Benefits of a Home Lift Operation costs
Operation costs
The Lifta Home lift uses less energy than a toaster and only requires one annual service.
Benefits of a Home Lift Battery Back Up
Battery Back Up
In case of a power shortage, the lift will be able to operate with the battery back up.
Benefits of a Home Lift Accessibility
The Lifta Trio is very spacious and can even accommodate a wheelchair.
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Home Lift Prices and costs

Lifta’s Home Lifts are a premium product that offer you convenience and elegance in your home. A Lifta Homelift is an affordable residential mobility solution starting from ZAR 270 000 excl VAT. Our prices vary depending on your chosen model and any chosen extras.

Flexible Home Lift Installation Possibilities

A Lifta Home Lift can be installed almost anywhere in your home where the lift can travel between floors. Possibilities include gallery solutions, stairwell installations and a Home Lift can even be installed in rooms with slanted ceilings.

Living room / bedroom

Stairwell / gallery

Dual-access doors

Living room
dual access door

Modern elegance in your living space: A Lifta Home Lift connects rooms above each other very easily in a tiny amount of space.

Travel freely in a free space: The Lifta Home Lift can also operating in the centre of a stairwell or next to a gallery.

Enter at the front and exit from the rear: The Lifta TRIO’s optional two-door cabin offers an abundance of other options for connecting floors.



Vaulted ceilings

Vaulted ceilings

The Lifta Home Lift will even fit into a storeroom or a wall unit. The possibilities for creative installation
ideas are close on endless.

Conveniently glide from your hallway, cellar or garage straight into your living space: A Lifta Home Lift will safely take you to your car and back.

Take your Home Lift to the very top of your house. The Lifta DUO and Lifta TRIO enable you to utilise top-floor rooms and lofts with vaulted ceilings too.

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Lifta home lifts

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Do you have any questions about stairlifts? Lifta stairlift experts are at your disposal to answer any questions you might have. We are looking forward to receiving your call on our toll-free telefphone number : 0807373737

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The right Home lift for every style

Lifta Home Lifts complement your own personal style. Through its unique design and innovative technology, it will complement your interior perfectly. Through both the exceptional design and an innovative mobility concept, our residential lifts will enrich your living environment and add a perfect finishing touch. See for yourself, just step aboard one of our domestic lifts and experience the newest technology in home lifts.

4 Easy Steps to Owning Your Own Home Lift

1. Obligation-free on-site consultation
For the first step towards owning your own Lifta Home Lift, one of our technicians will visit your property to look for potential locations for your lift. He will take measurements and photographs so we can provide you with an accurate quotation for your Home Lift. This process will take about 1-2 hours.
2. Planning
For the second stage of your Lifta Home Lift installation, you will be visited by a Lifta Home Lift project manager who will consult on any required construction work. We can then assist you in appointing one of our trusted partners, or alternatively you may appoint your own. This process takes approximately 2 days.
3. Structural adjustments
As the third step, all construction work needs to be completed to the Lifta Project Manager’s specifications. Once the construction work and structural adjustments are signed off on, the installation can begin. The duration of this step is dependent on the type of installation and the necessary construction work.
4. Installation
The fourth and final step towards owning your own Lifta Home Lift is the installation phase. Our qualified lift engineers will explain to you how the lift works and you’ll be able to take your first smooth ride of many. This step can take up to 2 days.

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