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What Are The Safety Features Of A Home Lift

A full height obstruction sensor is situated at the entrance of all lifts. The main function of the light curtain is that if this barrier is crossed by either an arm or object for example, while the lift is moving, it will stop immediately.

Light Curtain:

Thanks to obstruction sensing covers, our lifts can detect if objects are above or below it when in operation. Once detected, the lift will stop immediately. T

Top And Bottom Safety Pans:

Our lifts are installed with weight limit sensors – in the case of the lift exceeding its weight limit, it will not travel. 

Weight Limits Sensors:

Our lifts are installed with sensors which detect if it is out of balance.

Out Of Balance Sensors:

This patented system prevents this lift car from falling in the unlikely event of the steel ropes going slack.

Fall Arrest Mechanism:

More Safety Features: