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Exploring Gauteng: Wheelchair-Friendly Adventures

Gauteng may not have the beaches or the mountains, but when it comes to December, you can’t beat Gauteng weather and its hospitality. And with its wide array of wheelchair-friendly…
Dec 19th, 2023 Read More

Unlocking the Wonders: Wheelchair-Friendly Adventures in the Western Cape

The holiday season is here and the vibrant Western Cape is calling, inviting everyone to embrace the sun, fun, and all the beauty it has to offer! Whether you're a…
Dec 6th, 2023 Read More

When is the Best Time to Install a Home Lift?

Home lifts – every home needs one! Whether you’re looking for added convenience and safety, futureproofing your home, or have mobility issues, then a home lift is the perfect solution.…
Nov 8th, 2023 Read More

Why our Customers Love Lifta

At Lifta South Africa, we take pride in transforming the lives of our customers with our innovative mobility solutions. The Lifta South Africa team has designed and installed countless home…
Nov 8th, 2023 Read More