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What Is the Lifta Home Lift?

Our Home Lift is a unique and innovative residential lift that will allow you to enjoy the full benefit of your home. Our lifts are a stylish and modern alternative to stairlifts or commercial, hydraulic lifts.

Where can a Lifta Home Lift be installed in my house?

Due to their size, drive mechanism and unique rail supports, our Home Lifts can be installed in a variety of different locations in your home. Our Home Lifts have been installed in garages, passages, living rooms, bedrooms, recreational areas and even braai rooms.

How are the Lifta Home Lifts powered?

Our Home Lifts operate by way of a normal residential 220V plug and are more efficient than a toaster or kettle.

What about load shedding?

No problem. In the case of load shedding or power failure occurring while the Home Lift is in operation, the battery back up will allow the lift to safely travel down to the lowest level to allow you to safely and easily exist the unit. Due to the low power requirements of our lifts, a small inverter can supply required power to operate during loadshedding.

How long does it take to install a Lifta Home Lift?

Good question. We can confidently state that our Home Lifts are the easiest residential lifts to install in the market. Once all the necessary construction work has been completed, our technical team can install and ensure the Home Lift is operational within 2 days.

How safe are the Lifta Home Lifts?

Our Home Lifts are installed with safety sensors above and below the lift car which detects obstructions and if necessary, will smoothly stop the car to allow for the obstruction to be removed.
All lifts are also installed with a light curtain, which is a further safety sensor that ensures that the lifts stops smoothly in the event of anything crossing into or out of the lift while it travels.
If for whatever reason, the lift is out of balance, the various safety sensors will detect this and prevent the lift from travelling.

Our Home Lifts communicate any possible faults by means of a user friendly light panel, allowing for efficient diagnosis and rectification.

How does the Lifta Home Lift operate?

Our Home Lifts are fitted with a “hold to run” press button which ensures that the users are in total control of the operation of their lift at all times – if you remove your hand from the button, the lift will stop.

Our Home Lifts also include two small remote controls which allows you to call your lift to whichever floor you are situated at. The remotes for our lifts are completely wireless, allowing a user, for example, to keep a remote in the car and call the lift to the garage in order to load groceries when arriving home. We provide cradles for each remote and if preferred these can be affixed next to the lift.

Do the Lifta Home Lifts have a door?

Yes, all our Home Lifts are installed with a self-closing, half height, hinged door that ensures all occupants travel safely in the unit. The door locks release once the lift arrives safely as its destination.

How much space will a Lifta Home Lift take in my home?

Our Home Lifts have the smallest footprints on the residential lift market. Our Duo Home Lift has a footprint of just 0.8 square metres. The wheelchair ready Trio’s footprint is only 1,3 square meters.

What is the load capacity of the Lifta Home Lifts?

Our Duo Home Lift is restricted to a carrying capacity of 170 kilograms, while our Trio’s carrying capacity is 250 kilograms.
If these weights are exceeded, the weight sensors will not allow the lift to travel. This is a further valuable safety feature of the Lifta Home Lifts.

Are the Lifta Home Lifts suitable for wheelchair users?

Absolutely! Our Trio Home Lift was built specifically for users with mobility issues and can easily transport most wheelchair models.

Our Trio also has a built in ramp to allow for easy wheelchair access. Our aim is independent mobility within the home and the control panel, as well as the grab bar which allows for the user to pull themselves into the lift, can be mounted at varying heights to accommodate any user.

Do the Lifta Home Lifts have lights?

Yes. All our Home Lifts feature attractive LED lighting at both the top and bottom of the car. This not only allows for easy use of the lift at night but also creates a stylish finish to the unit. Furthermore, both the Duo and Trio are fitted with halo lighting in the ceiling of the cabin and footlights to allow for optimum visibility, even for visually impaired users.

Does a Lifta Home Lift require load bearing walls?

No. The unique dual rail system creates a completely self-supporting structure. The weight of the entire structure and lift are in compression through the rails and into the floor of the home. No extra burden is added to the home as a result of this innovative technology.

As a result, our Home Lifts can be installed indoors without the need for a shaft. The benefit of this is that you can avoid the major inconvenience and substantial cost of the construction required for the building of a lift shaft.

How much power does the Lifta Home Lift consume?

Our Home Lifts are powered by a normal 220V plug and uses no more power than a kettle, toaster or microwave!

Are Lifta Home Lifts noisy?

Our Home Lifts do not make use of noisy hydraulics or any other external mechanisms and due to its unique drive system, the lifts are very quiet and makes less noise than most stairlifts. In operation our lifts have a audible noise level of less than 48 decibels which is comparable to the sound of light rainfall.

How much does a Lifta Home Lift cost?

Our sales consultants are ready and waiting to visit your home, free of charge and without any obligations, to provide you with a personalized quotation based on your individual needs and requirements.