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Home is where the heart is. It’s the safe haven for you to return to after a long day, retire to, rest within, and where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. This is why it’s so important to make the space a comfortable and enjoyable one to be in.

For those who face difficulties with mobility in particular, improving the mobility access within a home can really transform and improve their everyday quality of life.

Ramp mobility up a notch

Steps and stairs can be incredibly challenging for those who find it difficult to walk. Adding a ramp next to any stairs you have in and around your home can make the world of a difference.

You may even consider replacing the steps with a ramp entirely. Ramps are especially useful for those who use wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Be sure to choose a ramp that has good grip, and isn’t slippery, to lower the risk of slipping. 

Add rails for extra safety

If there are any stairs around the house, be sure to add a railing if they don’t already have one. This way whoever uses them will have something sturdy to hold onto. These offer great support as well as help to prevent any potentially dangerous accidents or falls. 

You might also want to add railing to other potentially hazardous parts of your home, like in the bathroom shower or next to your bath. Bathroom tiles can be very slippery, especially when they get wet. For extra safety, you might also want to invest in a shower chair to provide a safe place to land or rest upon.  

Invest in a stairlift

Stairlifts are an amazing addition to any home, because they allow you to keep your original staircase without having to worry about any nasty injuries or falls stopping you from getting up and down them. These can be operated and called from both ends, so you know you’ll always have access to it. Similarly to ramps, these can be installed both indoors and outdoors. 

Switch from door knobs to handles

Door Knobs can be extremely slippery and awkward to open, especially for someone with an injury, disability or something like arthritis. Switching from door knobs to door handles will provide anyone using them with more grip, with the added option of using their elbows to push them open.

Install a home lift

If your home has multiple floors, you will most definitely benefit from installing a home lift. These are especially convenient if you have more than two floors, because it makes travelling between them a breeze. Just like stairlifts, home lifts come in different shapes and sizes, so be sure to choose the one that’s most appropriate for your household. 

Purchase a mobility scooter or wheelchair

Mobility scooters make it easier to move around, whether it be indoors or outdoors. Because they are battery-operated, they offer a lot more independence and require less energy to use than traditional wheelchairs or walking aids. These can also be used outside the home, like when you need to run errands or do some shopping.

Replace slippery floors

Slippery floors and surfaces can be a real danger for anyone, but they’re especially worrying for those who need to avoid a fall at all costs. They can also take away the necessary traction and grip that wheels or mobility aids require to move properly.

Carpets might seem like a good choice because they tend to prevent slipping, but be aware that they may be difficult to clean, especially as you get older, and may also make moving upon wheels more difficult. 

Create clear pathways

Whichever way you choose to improve the mobility of your home, you’ll need to ensure that these additions are actually accessible. This means that creating or clearing pathways between entrances and doorways is of the utmost importance. Minimising the furniture in your home can also create more space and help to eliminate unnecessary obstacles. 

Contact us for an in-depth consultation.

While we are sure that these numerous safety measures and procedures should put any concern you have to bed, our sales consultants are ready and waiting for your call to discuss your mobility solution needs and can be contacted on 080 73 73 73 7 to set up a free, no-obligation on-site assessment now.

We would also be able to arrange for test drives at client’s homes so that you can both see and use the Home Lift.

Lifta SA can help

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the process of adding mobility features to your home, or maybe you want more clarification on the option or process, then let us help! At Lifta, we streamline the process to make it hassle-free and convenient for you. Get in touch with us for an obligation free quotation or more information.

You can either contact us for a chat or provide us with a detailed submission of what you need and our team can get started with preparing the best solution for you.


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