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What can stairlifts do?

With a Lifta stairlift, your home staircase becomes accessible to you again. A stairlift gives you a little piece of your mobility back. It helps you to conquer the stairs again safely and freely.

Stairlift Functionality

Whether you have one or two floors; steep, narrow or curved stairs – our electrically powered chair, running on a system of rails, will take you all the way to the top and back along the course of your stairway with the utmost comfort and safety.

Lifta stairlift for every staircase

A chair on rails

In essence, a stairlift is a motorized chair which travels up and down your stairway on a system of rails. It consists of a carriage, a motor, a control system and a seat.

An electrical power socket is the only thing needed for installation. The system of rails is easily mounted on top of your stairs – there is no further need to drill any holes into your walls. Lifta stairlifts are personalised products and specially designed to adapt perfectly to your own home and requirements. This ensures an optimal fit for both your staircase and you!

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Lifta Model Range

Lifta offers a wide range of stairlift models, for both straight and curved stairways. Straight stairways are supported by our single rail system, whilst curved stairways  demand a twin-rail system or a single rail system, depending on the stairlift model. Both assure an optimal fit for practically any staircase.

Lifta Stairlift Solus


The Lifta Solus combines superior technology with a timeless modern design.

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Lifta Stairlift Starla


The Lifta Starla model, is a multi-faceted and uncomplicated stairlift.

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Lifta Stairlift Siena


The easy way to greater mobility and perfect comfort in your home.

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Lifta Stairlift VARIO


The new VARIO sets outstanding innovative standards for flexibility.

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Lifta Stairlift Satio


The Lifta outdoor stairlift is suitable for any weather.

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Lifta Home Lift

couple infront of an installed home lift


Travel in style with the new Lifta Home Lift.

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Whether your stairs are straight, curved or serve one or more floors, a Lifta stairlift can be integrated into almost any stairway, both indoors and outdoors. The wide range of models and a personally tailored rail system, adapted to your personal needs and requirements, make this possible.

Lifta is suitable for almost any staircase

Lifta offers the right solution for almost any staircase layout. Whether your stairs are straight, curved, steep or narrow, whether they span several floors indoors or outdoors – stairlifts can be adapted to any individual situation.

Lifta stairlift for straight stairs
Curved Staircase

Tailored to any staircase

Installing a stairlift into a straight staircase is indeed the quickest and easiest form. However, we offer tailored solutions for almost any staircase. Whether it is an L-shape, U-shape or even more complex, our Lifta technicians will find the perfect solution for you!


All Lifta stairlifts share the same basic qualities. These ensure a simple and straightforward operational usage of your stairlift.

Simplicity, flexibility and safety are secured by our user-friendly and smart features integrated into the Lifta stairlift.

Several clever integrations will support you on a daily basis and will make your Lifta a fundamental aid in your home:

stairlift feature strength


Lifta stairlifts are characterized by their exceptional strength and robustness in their daily use. The wide range of Lifta models offer a suitable lift for all requirements.

Stairlift feature space-saving


Lifta stairlifts do not create obstacles for other occupants. The chair can be folded up after use, making more efficient use of the space in the stairway.

Stairlift feature safety


All Lifta stairlifts are characterised by a range of safety features, verified by TÜV Süd. TÜV Süd is an independent, government-authorised institute in Germany.

stairlift feature comfortable


Lifta stairlifts are equipped with the highest quality of features, to provide you with the utmost safety and comfort.

Stairlift feature innovative


Lifta stairlifts use current technology. New features in construction and the functionality are developed in great detail and are thoroughly tested before being brought onto the market.

Stairlift feature practical


Your Lifta is practically constructed, with attention to the smallest detail. As an example; the safety belt can be easily fastened and unfastened with just one hand.

Stairlift feature flexible


Everyone’s needs are unique – with its clever functionality, your Lifta stairlift can be flexibly adjusted to your own needs. As an example; you can choose to have your controls on the right- or left-hand side.

Stairlift feature intelligent


Lifta stairlifts have a sixth sense for danger – they immediately and automatically stop moving when an obstacle is recognised. Only when the detected obstacle is removed, does the stairlift continue its journey.

Stairlift feature user-friendly


In spite of their complex and sophisticated technology, Lifta stairlifts are user-friendly, stable and robust. In case of an unbalanced weight distribution on the chair or the control level, the stairlift is developed to handle any unexpected obstacles undamaged.

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Your safety is our highest priority! We at Lifta have correspondingly high safety standards for our own products and ensure that these are regularly checked. Our features are designed with one goal: enabling you to conquer your stairs without any obstacles.

Safety is the first requirement in any stairlift

In our factory, all Lifta stairlifts undergo detailed tests to check their construction and functionality. From the first consultation onwards, we ensure the elimination of any potential hazards impeding the installation of your stairlift.

After the fitting of the stairlift, our specialist engineers carry out extensive operational checks, ensuring full functionality. Lifta stairlifts receive regular safety approval from TÜV Süd, which is an independent, government-authorised certifying institution in Germany.

All Lifta stairlifts include the following safety features:

  • In case of power failure, your stairlift automatically starts functioning on a reserve battery, so you can always continue your journey to the next level.

  • A sensor identifies obstacles on the stairway. If an obstacle is detected, your journey stops gently and continues once the obstacle is removed.

  • A safety belt prevents any accidents whilst travelling. It can be fastened with just one hand.

  • If required, a 5-point safety belt can be chosen for additional support.

  • The seat is very robust. The armrests provide solid support when mounting and dismounting.

  • The control unit fits comfortably in your hand and can be installed on either the left- or the right-hand side.

  • Lifta stairlifts move slowly and gently, ensuring a comfortable and safe arrival at your destination.

  • You can also opt for a seat that can be rotated at 90° at the touch of one button, for particular ease of mounting and dismounting.

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