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Lifta offers two types of Home Lifts – the Duo and Trio. The Duo has a footprint of just 0.8 square metres and weight capacity of 170 kilograms.

The Trio Home Lift was built taking into account users with mobility concerns and challenges. As a result, this lift can easily transport most wheelchair models. The Trio Home Lift has a load capacity of 250 kilograms and footprint of 1.3 square metres. In most cases, it is big enough to accommodate both the wheelchair and another occupant.

Built-in ramp

As mentioned, the Trio was built with wheelchair users in mind and it has a built in ramp to allow for easy and quick wheelchair access into and out of the unit with minimal discomfort to the user.

Furthermore, the control panel can be installed at varying heights within the lift to accommodate any user. Regardless of the height of the user, they will have easy access to the control panel and operation of their lift.

Another great feature of the Trio is that a grab bar has also been installed within the lift to enable the wheelchair user to pull themselves into the lift if travelling unassisted.

Rolling a wheelchair into our Lifts – See more videos

The Thru Door Kit

The Thru Door Kit is also a great feature of the Trio Home Lift and sets it apart from most wheelchair friendly lifts. This optional extra allows users of the lift to enter and exit the unit from both sides.

Both the Duo and Trio Home Lifts do not make use of noisy hydraulics or any other external mechanisms and due to its unique drive system, the lifts are very quiet and are less noisy even then stairlifts. While in operation, our Home Lifts have an audible noise level less than 48 decibels, which is comparable to the sound of light rainfall.

The unique dual rail system creates a completely self-supporting structure and as a result, no load bearing walls are required. The weight of the entire structure and lift are in compression through the rails and into the floor of the home. No extra burden is added to the home as a result of this innovative technology.

LED Lighting

Our Home Lifts feature attractive LED lighting at both the top and the bottom of the car. This not only allows for easy use of the lift at night but also creates a stylish finish to the unit. The Duo and Trio are fitted with halo lighting in the ceiling of the cabin and footlights to allow for optimum visibility.

Low power requirements

Both the Duo and Trio Home Lift have minimal power requirements. They operate by way of a 220V plug, using no more power than a kettle or toaster. Both units have a battery back up in place which ensures that the lift travels down to the lowest level in the event of loadshedding to allow the users to safely and easily exist the unit. Due to the low power requirement of these lifts, a small inverter can supply enough power to allow it to operate during loadshedding.

As a result of this incredibly European technology, our Home Lifts can be installed without the need for a shaft, motor room, pit room or three phase power, which means less construction, inconvenience, cost and a quick installation as our units can be installed within 2 days!

Due to their size, drive mechanism and unique rail supports, our Home Lifts can be installed in a variety of different locations in your home. We have installed Home Lifts in garages, passages, living rooms, bedrooms, recreational areas and even braai rooms!

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Contact us for an in-depth consultation

Our sales consultants are ready and waiting for your call to discuss your mobility solution needs and can be contacted on 080 73 73 73 7 to set up a free, no-obligation on-site assessment now.

We would also be able to arrange for test drives at client’s homes so that you can both see and use the Trio Home Lift.

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