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The Queen will be spending ‘much more time’ in Scotland after fitting one of her favourite cottages in the Highlands with a £20,000 wheelchair lift, sources have claimed in the Sun and Daily Mail. News of the ‘wheelchair-friendly’ lift comes after sources said the Queen was struggling with mobility, as she now requires a walking stick and has not been able to walk her much-loved corgis.

The Stiltz Trio is the largest lift of its kind and can carry three adults – it also means Her Majesty can reach her bedroom without having to climb the stairs. Lifta SA use the same home technology as Stiltz, but for the South African market, we also offer South Africans the option of having a Lifta Trio installed in their homes.

What is Craigowan Lodge in Abderdeenshire?

Craigowan Lodge has long been a favourite for the Queen, who visits the seven-bedroom stone cottage every April and August.

Windsor Castle has been home to the Queen for much of the past two years, and she is not said to plan on moving back to Buckingham Palace – which is currently undergoing a decade-long £360million renovation and ‘reservicing’ project.

Craigowan Lodge was first bought by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert when they snapped up the sweeping Balmoral estate in 1852. Despite the Queen enjoying her privacy and time away from the capital, A source close to the Queen said: ‘This is not a retirement home.’

Get the royal treatment

If you or anyone in your family has issues with mobility and require a robust solution that provides you with more independence, then feel free to contact our team and have a look at our range of home lifts. 

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