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For most of us, our interactions and experience of a residential lift would not be all that common.

Our idea of residential lifts often stems from watching movies or reality shows about the uber-wealthy. The Lifta Home Lift is not only a great alternative to the commercial, residential lift but is also substantially more affordable and, as a result, not simply a luxury product for the rich and famous who want to avoid dealing with the stairs or simply to have it as a feature of their home.

The Lifta Home Lift can be utilised by a variety of users for a variety of different reasons, in the process ensuring a better quality of life, unrestricted access to their home and a sense of independence.

With that in mind, here are seven great reasons to install a Home Lift at your residence:

Tricky incline/decline at your home

You might have moved into a new home that has ticked all the boxes except one – the stairs are a little steep for your liking and spending money to have it redone isn’t a cost-effective strategy or even possible. While it can be managed by some in your family, others might have a problem tackling the move up or down. Instead of having to deal with the stairs every time you need to move between floors, adding a Home Lift gives you a variety of options on how to tackle them.

Joint and muscle injuries

Home Lifts are not only for the elderly customers. They are also a valuable asset for users who have experienced sport or muscle injuries which then hampers their movement.

Instead of having to subject yourself to unnecessary levels of discomfort, a Home Lift can give you a smooth ride between floors while you take less strain on those painful joints or muscles.

Mobility and disability issues

If you or a family member are wheelchair bound, your double storey home may mean you are not enjoying your house as much as you should be. Installing a Home Lift not only frees you up from having to assist the family member in moving between floors but gives the user a greater sense of independence and mobility within the home.

Old age

Age catches up with all of us, and as we age, those flights of steps tend to get a little longer every year. If you’re looking to avoid that stairway climb every time you forget your glasses with complete and utter dread, it might be time to call In the specialists and have a Lifta Home Lift installed.

Sub-divided homes

As property prices continue to rise, real estate investors and homeowners are considering living in multi-generational homes more often than in previous decades. Instead of having to lock the young married couple into a multi-million rand obligation to acquire a starter home, parents are considering sharing their property with their kids.

In other cases, retired parents have a home that is far too big for their needs and might want to make better use of the property by sub-dividing it.

In either case, taking a single-family home and adding limited access to certain parts of it for privacy’s sake can be tricky. This is where Home Lifts can add another option to your renovation plans. Instead of bricking up certain areas, you can allow for a Home Lift to be added in a common area of the home, and those that require access to the upstairs can gain access without disturbing those on the ground floor.

Home renovations and cost of installing lifts

The cost of installing a commercial residential lift is often a deterrent to home owners when deciding on whether or not to install a mobility solution. Due to the minimal construction needed for the installation of a Home Lift, not only can it be installed within 2 days but the construction costs are minimal when compared to commercial residential lift construction costs.

The Home Lift does not require a shaft, pit room or motor room and operates by way of a normal plug – therefore no three phase power is necessary. All of this means you won’t have to break the bank when purchasing a Home Lift.

Why move?

Depending on your life circumstances or mobility needs, you could be forced to consider moving from your double storey home to a single storey house. Why pay legal fees and transfer duty to move from your beloved family house when you can purchase and install a Home Lift which will not only add value to your home but will allow you to spend quality time in the house of your dreams.

Contact us for an in-depth consultation

Our sales consultants are ready and waiting for your call to discuss your mobility solution needs and can be contacted on 080 73 73 73 7 to set up a free, no-obligation on-site assessment now.

We would also be able to arrange for test drives at client’s homes so that you can both see and use the Trio Home Lift.

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