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At Lifta South Africa, we take pride in transforming the lives of our customers with our innovative mobility solutions. The Lifta South Africa team has designed and installed countless home lifts and stairlifts in residential homes of all shapes and sizes. And during the last few years, we’ve come across South Africans from all walks of life and helped them find the perfect solution for their needs.

Our success lies in happy customers

Our success lies in our happy customers and the stories they share. One of our favourites: “Dad is so happy with his chairlift…apparently he invites various people in to show, and he shrieks with delight as the chairlift zooms up and down… I really feel a great sense of relief that we have done this for him. I don’t have to worry about that nasty flight of stairs any longer.”

And that is what Lifta is all about: improving your everyday quality of life. We ensure that we provide superior service, from your first interaction with us through to our continued support long after you’ve closed those lift doors for the very first time.

Custom solutions for your unique needs

We understand that no two families or homes are the same, which is why we go out of our way to find an optimal solution for every customer. We believe that anything is possible; just have a look at our gallery of successful installations in our customers’ homes.

Personalised approach

We always provide an in-depth and personalised service, ensuring a hassle-free and smooth installation of your Lifta mobility solution. Our dedicated team is committed to providing superior support every step of the way, no matter your needs. It is our competence and reliability that makes us stand out. We believe in forming relationships that don’t end after installation.

Another happy customer wrote, “I would like to thank you for the incredible service received from you and the company. You kept me updated throughout the process; I never had to call you to see what was happening. To date, I have never received service of this calibre from a company as I received from you.

Uncompromised safety

Safety isn’t just a feature but a promise with Lifta. Our home lifts are integrated with top-of-the-line safety mechanisms, including obstruction sensors, weight capacity detectors, and balance measures, ensuring a secure environment is not optional but guaranteed.

Quick installation process

Our customers love our quick and efficient installation process. Most Lifta home lifts are up and running within two days, requiring no disruptive construction or complicated electrical accommodations. Our lifts, like the Duo and the Trio, are renowned for their compact design and substantial carrying capacity, making them perfect for a variety of home sizes and client requirements.

Energy-efficient solutions

Another advantage of Lifta’s home lifts is their energy efficiency. They operate by way of a normal 220V plug, and there is no need for 3-phase power. They do not use noisy hydraulics or external mechanisms, and due to their unique drive system, they have an audible noise level of less than 48 decibels.


In conclusion, Lifta South Africa stands for innovation, comfort, and safety. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Lifta is more than a product; it’s a promise — a promise of quality, support, and safety. Here’s to moving forward together.

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