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Home lifts – every home needs one! Whether you’re looking for added convenience and safety, futureproofing your home, or have mobility issues, then a home lift is the perfect solution. Installing a home lift increases the value of your property by adding practical benefits like accessibility and convenience, not to mention, a touch of style and luxury.

But when is the best time to install a home lift? Let’s look at the top moments in your life when a home lift is an ideal addition to your plans!

Renovating, the perfect time to install your home lift

Renovating your home is always an exciting time as you watch your plans come to life. It may be as simple as updating your kitchen, or perhaps you’re adding a new room or going to the next level and completely transforming your home. Considering all the changes happening in your home, this is the ideal time to consider adding that much-needed home lift.

Including a home lift during your renovations is not only practical but also a great long-term investment in your home.

Futureproofing your home, an investment in the future

Futureproofing our homes is not necessarily top of mind, but when it comes to your “forever home”, a home lift is an investment in the future. No one likes to think about ageing or losing their independence, which is why a home lift is the perfect answer, as it provides access to all areas of your home without having to rely on others for help.

Changes in mobility, home lifts are the ideal solution

Changes in mobility tend to happen gradually but can also arise from an unexpected disability. Home lifts provide safe and easy access between different levels of your home, greatly reducing the risk of falls and injuries.

By installing a home lift, you make your property more accessible for individuals with disabilities or seniors who may have trouble navigating stairs. This feature can greatly appeal to potential buyers and increase the overall value of your home.

Expanding your family, ensuring safety and accessibility

Expanding your family is an exciting time; whether you’re expecting a baby or welcoming your ageing parents into your home, a home lift will ensure that everyone has a safe, easily accessible, and convenient way to get from floor to floor.


In conclusion, there are several key moments in your life when installing a home lift is the best decision you can make. During renovations, adding a home lift is not only practical but also becomes a long-term investment in your home.

Futureproofing your property is essential, and a home lift ensures that your “forever home” remains accessible and independent-friendly as you age. Moreover, changes in mobility can occur gradually or unexpectedly, and a home lift provides a safe and convenient solution, reducing the risk of falls and injuries.

Lastly, when expanding your family, a home lift guarantees that everyone, from little ones to ageing parents, can move between floors easily and safely. So, whether you’re seeking convenience, safety, accessibility, or an increase in property value, a home lift is the perfect solution! Feel the impact immediately with one of Lifta’s home lift installations.

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