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Home lifts are either thought of as a luxury or associated with accessibility challenges for the elderly or disabled. There is so much more to home lifts, however, and the unexpected benefits will undoubtedly enhance any lifestyle. From increasing the value of your property to making life that bit easier, every home deserves one!

Increased Property Value
Installing a home lift increases the value of your property by adding practical benefits like accessibility and convenience, not to mention a touch of style and luxury. Home lift installations are often not the first thought when it comes to upgrading your home, but it is one renovation that not only takes the future into account but has an immediate impact on your quality of life.
Have a look at our previous blog Does Adding A Lift Add Value To A Property in SA? – you’re in for a great surprise!

Increased Accessibility and Convenience
One of the best things about home lifts is that they can make your life much more convenient. You no longer need to worry about carrying groceries up flights of stairs, and moving heavy items between floors becomes a breeze.
And for visiting family members or friends suffering from mobility issues, a home lift installation is the ideal inclusive solution.

A Stress-Free and Safe Future
A home lift installation has the added benefit of future-proofing your home. Getting older, unfortunately, often comes with mobility challenges. Keep in mind, however, that it’s not all about age – even a simple accident can leave you with temporary mobility issues.
Accidents can happen so easily, and staircases are a common cause of serious injury; this can be due to steepness, a lack of railings, slippery surfaces, loose carpeting or worn-down wood, or sharp corners. A home lift, of course, can drastically limit—or even completely eradicate—this risk.
Growing families also reap the benefits of home installations; just ask any mom with a pram and toddlers how challenging it can be getting everyone in and out of the house when stairs are involved!

A Touch of Style
Gone are the days when home lift installations were eyesores; now they add a touch of style, and Hollywood glamour, all at an affordable price. With the smallest footprint of residential home lifts, elegant and sleek design, and various installation options, there isn’t a home we don’t have the perfect solution for.

Why Not?
We believe every home with multiple levels can benefit from the comfort, convenience, and style that a home lift installation brings. From increased property value to a stress-free and safe future with a touch of style, it’s time you upgraded your home now. After all, who doesn’t want to improve their quality of life?

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