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When it comes to making your home more accessible, the easiest way to think about it is making it wheelchair friendly, as this will cater to all levels of mobility. While it may feel like a daunting task initially, it is a lot easier than you think, especially when you partner with a trusted provider like Lifta.

At Lifta, we provide an invaluable mobility check service where one of our mobility experts will survey your home free of charge. We will then provide a comprehensive checklist, including recommendations regarding the most critical solutions needed to prepare your home for the future.

Ramps and Lifts – the Ideal Stair Solution

From an accessibility perspective, stairs are everyone’s worst nightmare, but fortunately, there are some great solutions on the market to overcome this obstacle. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from a few options: permanent ramps, portable, and even collapsible ramps.

For those numerous flights of stairs, our stairlift solution will allow you to conquer your stairs safely, confidently, and independently. Our homelift solutions are by far the best option if you need to move between floors safely and quickly, and we do have a wheelchair-friendly option (Lifta Trio).

Widen those Door Frames

Widening your door frames does not necessarily need to involve major construction and can be achieved by including offset hinges which add an additional 2.5cm of clearance space. Another alternative is to remove the door and trim completely or replace your current doors with French doors.

Wheelchair-friendly doors should be a minimum of 81 to 82 cm wide to accommodate a wheelchair, and if possible, 91 cm is recommended for that all-important maneuverability.

Safety Rails make Life Easier

Safety rails are the ideal addition to your home when positioned correctly. This easily added feature will make areas like the bathroom and kitchen more accessible and, most importantly, safer.

The Importance of a Mobility Check

Taking advantage of our mobility check service is the perfect way to ensure that you have covered every aspect of your home. We will check the accessibility of your home from a ramp perspective and identify if your home requires safety rails and stair or home lift solutions. In addition, we will review your bathrooms for barriers, check for potential trip points, as well as perform a supporting gadgets check.

Our main purpose is to enable our clients to live independently and safely within their homes. We don’t believe that anyone should have to move house just because of mobility challenges, and we are confident we will be able to find the mobility solution for you!

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