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Our Lifta Home Lifts offer you a modern and independent mobility solution right in the comfort of your home. These custom-made mobility solutions have the smallest footprint on the residential lift market, with our Duo Home Lift being just 0.8 square metres and our wheelchair-ready Trio’s footprint being only 1.3m square metres.
Not only do our unique lift solutions have the smallest footprint they are also more energy efficient than your kettle and operate on a normal residential 220V plug.
These unique home lifts can be installed almost anywhere in your home where a lift can travel between the various floors. Because of their size, drive mechanism, and specialised rail supports, we have installed them in garages, passages, living rooms, wine cellars, recreational areas, and even braai rooms. Stairwells and slanted ceilings are also not a problem when it comes to installing your dream lift.

Installation Process

• We provide an obligation-free on-site consultation where one of our highly experienced Product Specialists will assess your property for the ideal location for your Lifta Home Lift. The process takes, on average, between 1 and 2 hours, during which we take the time to determine the need for the lift, identify the perfect location for it and finally we are able to provide you with a quote while still at your home.
• Once you have accepted the quotation and paid the deposit, one of our experienced Lifta Home Lift project managers will contact you to discuss the installation process and timeline with you. Lifta has a number of reliable and affordable contractors on hand to assist you with any construction work that may be needed. Alternatively, our project manager will work very closely with your preferred contractor to ensure a smooth and easy installation.
• The installation of your very own Home Lift can begin once all the required construction work has been completed. Depending on the work required, construction could take anything from 1 to 10 days.
• The installation of the lift itself is completed by our team of highly qualified lift engineers within 2 days. Once it has been installed, our technicians will explain how the lift operates, demonstrate its various safety features work and send you off on your first ride.
Based on our over 40 years of experience and European quality parts, we are confident that our Home Lifts are not only the easiest residential lifts to install but the process is neat, quick and with minimal disruption to your every day life. In addition, we guarantee that every step of the installation process is completed to the highest standards, ensuring every ride is as smooth as the first.

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