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When it comes to improving accessibility and mobility within your home, Lifta South Africa has been a trusted name for the past four decades. As the German market leader for residential mobility solutions, Lifta combines innovation, quality design, and ease of use to provide reliable lift options. Let’s explore the advantages of Lifta’s Duo and Trio home lift solutions and how they can transform your living space into a more accessible and convenient environment.


Sometimes less is more – Introducing the Lifta Duo Home Lift

The Lifta Duo Home Lift is an exceptional and innovative domestic lift that can be seamlessly fitted into various locations within your home. Despite its compact size, this lift solution can comfortably accommodate up to two people. Let’s delve into the remarkable features and advantages of the Lifta Duo:

Small footprint: With dimensions of just 104cm x 76cm, the Lifta Duo is a true space miracle. It can smoothly glide out of sight at the press of a button, requiring minimal space for installation.

Integrated motor and power supply: The Lifta Duo runs off your home’s main power supply, eliminating the need for additional electrical modifications. This makes installation faster and more convenient.

User-friendly operation: The Lifta Duo is incredibly easy to operate with its up, down, and emergency stop buttons. The simplicity of its design ensures hassle-free usage, and it can be locked for added security.

Automatic obstruction protection: Safety is a top priority with the Lifta Duo. It is equipped with an automatic detection system that instantly stops the lift upon detecting any obstructions.

Solid remote control: The elegantly designed remote control enhances the overall user experience, making operating the Lifta Duo effortless and intuitive.


Barrier-free living – The Lifta Trio Home Lift

If you require a home lift solution that caters specifically to wheelchair users and provides a more spacious experience, the Lifta Trio is the ideal choice. Designed to meet the accessibility needs of wheelchair users, the Lifta Trio offers an array of features and advantages:

Wheelchair-friendly design: The Lifta Trio is meticulously crafted to ensure seamless accessibility for wheelchair users. It comes with a built-in ramp that facilitates comfortable entry and exit from the lift.

Dual access (optional): For enhanced flexibility in installation and usage, the Lifta Trio can be equipped with two doors, allowing for entry and exit from both sides.

Numerous safety features: The Lifta Trio incorporates various safety measures to provide peace of mind. From the integrated motor to the fast installation process, every aspect is designed with safety in mind.

High-quality design and 40 years of expertise: Lifta has built its reputation on excellence. The Lifta Trio reflects our commitment to delivering superior quality, durability, and reliability. With four decades of experience, Lifta has continuously refined our products to meet the highest standards.


Lifta Home Lifts: Transforming Your Living Space

Lifta Home Lifts offer a versatile and stylish solution for enhancing accessibility in your house. Regardless of the lift model you choose, Lifta ensures a seamless installation process with minimal alterations to your home. Here are some key features and advantages of Lifta Home Lifts:

Speedy installations: All Lifta home lifts can be installed within just two days, minimizing any disruption to your daily routine.

Shaft-free design: Unlike traditional lifts, Lifta home lifts do not require an expensive and messy shaft to be constructed, making the installation process simpler and more cost-effective.

Retro-fit capability: Lifta home lifts can be installed after your house has been built, offering a convenient solution for both new and existing homes.

Compact size and power requirements: The Lifta Duo has a tiny footprint of only 0.8 square meters, with a carrying capacity of 170kg. The Lifta Trio, with a slightly larger footprint of 1.3 square meters, can carry up to 250kg. Both models operate on a regular 220V plug, eliminating the need for three-phase power.

Silent operation: Lifta home lifts utilize a unique drive system that ensures a quiet and comfortable experience, with an audible noise level of fewer than 48 decibels.


Lifta South Africa’s Duo and Trio home lift solutions are designed to enhance accessibility and convenience within your home. Whether you opt for the compact and versatile Lifta Duo or the spacious and wheelchair-friendly Lifta Trio, you can trust in Lifta’s 40 years of expertise, commitment to safety, and impeccable design. With Lifta Home Lifts, you can transform your living space into a more inclusive environment while enjoying the perfect combination of style, function, and comfort.

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