Does Adding A Lift Add Value To A Property



How Much Value Will A Lift Add To Your Property?

If the area you live in has an elderly population and there is a real shortage of specialist housing, you could get a premium for your home.  If we consider data from more developed markets like the US, UK and Australia, home lifts can attract bids of up to 25% over the asking price.


The shift of the baby boomers

The baby boomer generation is now moving into their later years and looking for a home to see them through the rest of their lives.


Lifts improve your living standards

A home lift can also come in handy for household chores when you have to choose between carrying a more significant load or making multiple trips.


Lifts are seen as a luxury

Due to their rarity in residential homes, home lifts tend to be associated with luxury or glamorous living and offer an eye-catching design feature for any living space.