6 Ways A Home Lift Can be Installed

Modern elegance in your living space: A Lifta Home Lift connects rooms above each other very easily in a tiny amount of space.

Living room / bedroom

Travel freely in a free space: The Lifta Home Lift can also operate in the centre of a stairwell or next to a gallery.

Stairwell / gallery

Enter at the front and exit from the rear: The Lifta Home Lift’s optional two-door cabin offers an abundance of other options for connecting floors.

Dual-access doors

The Lifta Home Lift will even fit into a storeroom or a wall unit. The possibilities for creative installation ideas are close on endless.


Conveniently glide from your hallway, cellar or garage straight into your living space: A Lifta Home Lift will safely take you to your car and back.


Take your Home Lift to the very top of your house. The Lifta DUO and Lifta TRIO enable you to utilise top-floor rooms and lofts with vaulted ceilings too.

Vaulted ceilings