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Stairlift Prices & Costs

Individual product – Individual stairlift price

Stairlifts by Lifta can be adapted to your personal wishes and requirements. Factors such as the model, the rail system, the finish, the stairway design, the length of rails and any additional service package chosen, play a decisive role in the pricing. To find the most suitable solution for you, we will schedule a free and non-binding visit by one of our experts to evaluate your staircase.

One of our consultants will be able to find the best and most cost-effective solution for you. Lifta has a range of models, from which you can choose your favorite. Once you have selected your preferred model, we will be able to present you with an accurate quotation.

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How much does a stairlift cost?

A Stairlift is a personalized product, individually tailored to your own circumstances. The average cost of such a product varies depending on your home and personal requirements.

Custom-tailored to your staircase

The price of a Lifta stairlift depends on your staircase and whether the lift will be built indoors or outdoors. Whether the design of your staircase is straight or curved, a different rail-system has to be implemented, creating diverse average prices for the product. In order to make stairlifts a perfect component for


your home, Lifta offers many different design options. You have the possibility of personally selecting your preferred chair-design, suited for your home. Depending on the model chosen, the average price will vary. Lifta stairlifts are a high-quality product, tailored to each staircase and customer individually.

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Your personal stairlift consultation via video-call

In order to receive a price indication please contact one of our Lifta Consultants directly via video-call.

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Get your personalised quote

In order to receive an accurate quotation, please contact one of our Lifta consultants, either by phone or email.

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How much do I need to pay for servicing?

Lifta Stairlifts is an experienced and competent partner, which has optimised servicing operations over the past 10 years. When choosing Lifta, you choose continuous service and support. As a result, all service leading up to the installation is included in the purchase price of the Lifta Stairlift. We have adapted to the needs and preferences of our customers, in order to provide them with a structured process for the installation of their very own stairlift.


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Three steps to get an individualized stairlift

Step 1: Call or send us an email to receive an initial consultation.

Step 2: We will arrange a home visit at a time most suitable for you in order to evaluate your staircase and provide a non-binding quotation.

Step 3: Upon accepting the quotation, we will commence production of your stairlift, which follows with a tidy and hassle-free installation, completed in mere hours.  All services necessary to bring a Lifta stairlift into your home are free of charge!

How much does it cost annually to run a stairlift ?

A stairlift is a product which does not require much attention once installed. The stairlift runs solely on ordinary electricity received through sockets in your home. Additional preparations or installations are not required. In order to maintain its high quality, Lifta offers a regular maintenance check-up service. This ensures the smooth and safe operation of your lift all year round. Please ask your consultant for more information on this service.

At Lifta we pride ourselves on our technical excellence. Every Lifta stairlift holds a guarantee of up to 5 years, depending on the model. In case of any issues or queries, please contact one of our Lifta consultants, who will be happy to assist in finding a solution for you.

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Any questions on our stairlift pricing?

Contact us! Our consultants are pleased to help you. Free of charge and non-binding.

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Is any preparation or work in my home necessary?

Lifta adapts to the needs of its customers and their personal situation. Every stairlift, prior to installation, is carefully adapted and designed to fit effortlessly onto your stairs. A rail-system is tailored to your living situation and is the structure upon which the chair moves up and down the stairway. Since the rail-system is especially designed to match the layout of your home, no preparation or extra changes have to be made. All measurements are made prior to the instal-

lation, which speeds up the process and assures a fast and organized procedure. If you require wheelchair assistance, a stairlift could be the alternative to building ramps in place of your current staircase. Lifta stairlifts offer a compact and personalised product, which allows for comfortable and safe mobility in your home. In order to determine your best option, one of our consultants will support you from the initial consultation until the stairlift is integrated into your home.

We would gladly provide you with a non-binding quote

For a non-binding quote for your own stairlift, one of our Lifta consultants will be happy to help you by phone or through a home visit. The consultant will guide you through your personal needs and distinctive characteristics of your staircase.

Consultation is free and non-binding.

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