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The Lifta South Africa team has designed and installed countless home lifts and stairlifts in residential homes of all shapes and sizes. Delivering the best in class sales, installation and support services for all Lifta products.

If you’re looking to have a home lift or stairlift installed in your home, but you’re not sure which product is right for you, then feel free to browse through our various brochures that break down all our product offerings in detail.

You can download the brochure from the list below by clicking on the link or saving the file to your device.


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More than 40 years of experience

Competence and reliability are two of our strongest suits. Our advice is always personalised and extensive, ensuring a hassle-free and smooth installation of your Lifta mobility solution. Our team is dedicated to providing support in case of any questions, difficulties or emergencies.

Visit our FAQs or contact us on 0807 373 737

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